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What is a SnakeClamp video

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iPad & Tablet Cobra Clamp

Our iPad & Tablet Cobra Clamp is the ultimate iPad stand mount featuring 3 articulating rigid arms, 3' of reach and an integral table clamp. Attachments available for most tablet and ereader brands.

The Cobra Clamp features 3 segmented arms to hold your iPad, tablet or eReader exactly where you want it!

Click on image to enlarge, use right and left arrow keys to scroll slideshow:

Cobra Clamp parts, device mount not shown  Ratcheted joints lock securely into place  4 Point adapter attaches to your device mount  Table clamp securely attaches Cobra Clamp to tables or desks  The Cobra Clamp supports your device in any orientation: use your iPad as a document camera

Choose your attachment. One is included with the Cobra Clamp.

ABS plastic iPad mount bracket securely holds your iPad  ABS plastic iPad Mini bracket securely holds your iPad Mini  Mini-Universal device bracket fits any tablet or eReader with a dimension between 5-3/4" and 8" wide (146mm to 203 mm)  Mini-Universal bracket shown attached to Kindle  Adjustable Tablet Mount.  Offered in small (fits 8-1/8" to 10-5/16" diagonal) and extra large (fits 10-1/2" to 16-1/2" diagonal)  Small and extra large adjustable iPad/tablet/eReader mount  Measure your tablet as shown to determine which adjustable bracket to select.  Smartphone mount shown in open position  Smartphone mount shown in closed position 

The iPad & Tablet Cobra Clamp features 3 adjustable aluminum arms that lock together to position your iPad, tablet or eReader. Each arm is approximately 12" long and provides rotation in two dimensions. Ratcheted tooth design securely locks joints into place. Use either two or three arms for a reach of up to 3 feet.

One arm includes a locking ball-and-swivel joint with a four-point adapter. The four-point adapter securely snaps onto your attachment. You can rotate your iPad/tablet/eReader by loosening the thumb turn and then re-tightening.

The iPad & Tablet Cobra Clamp includes a black-painted metal table clamp that attaches to any desk, table, bed headboard, etc. between 1/4" and 2-3/8" thick. Non-slip rubber grips protect finished surfaces.

Choose from the following Attachments: iPad 1 Mount, iPad 2/3/4 Mount, iPad Air Mount, iPad Mini Mount, Mini-Universal Mount, Adjustable Tablet Mount or Smartphone Mount. All of these attachments snap into the 4-point adapter on the Cobra Clamp. You can easily change attachments and use your Cobra Clamp to support different devices.

The iPad & Tablet Cobra Clamp is sold with ONE attachment. You can expand the flexibility of your Cobra Clamp by adding additional attachments.

Fixed iPad MountWe offer both fixed and adjustable attachments for your device. Fixed mounts include our iPad 2/3/4 Mount, iPad Air Mount and iPad Mini Mount. These dedicated mounts are made of tough ABS plastic and securely snap onto your device. They do not accommodate cases/sleeves or covers.

Mini Universal MountOur Mini Universal Bracket is adjustable to fit any tablet, eReader or smartphone with a dimension between 5-1/4" and 8". Minimum recommended width is 3". This includes devices such as the iPad, Kindle, Nook, Fire, Asus Eee, iPhone 6S Plus and more. Made of tough ABS plastic and adjustable metal arms. Soft rubber bumpers are 3/4" wide and securely grab your device. Attaches to 4-point adapter on your Cobra or Econo clamp.

Adjustable Tablet PC MountOur Adjustable Tablet PC Mount is available in two sizes - small and extra-large. The Small Adjustable Tablet PC Mount fits tablets from 8-1/8" to 10-5/16" (measured diagonally) and the Extra Large Adjustable Tablet PC Mount fits tablets between 10-1/2" to 16-1/2" (measured diagonally). Both sizes feature soft rubber bumpers that are spring-loaded to securely grab your device. Simply pull the two rubber bumpers apart and slip your tablet in between. Accommodates tablets with or without cases/sleeves or covers up to 1/2" thick.

* * * * Click here to view our tablet sizing spreadsheet* * * *

Smartphone MountThe Smartphone Mount is made of tough ABS plastic and features soft padding to cradle your smartphone. Simply press the button on the side and the side brackets pop open to release your device. Attaches to 4-point adapter which allows you to rotate your smartphone in portrait or landscape orientation. Accommodates devices between 1-1/2" and 3-1/4" wide.

All of our products include a One Year Free Replacement Warranty

This demonstration shows both our Cobra Clamp and Econo Clamps in action:

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iPad & Tablet Cobra Clamp

Quantity Image Item
SC-CS-I2 - Cobra Clamp, iPad 2/3/4 Mount

Cobra Clamp with iPad 2/3/4 Mount Bracket

Our Price: $59.95
SC-CS-IA - Cobra Clamp, iPad Air 1/2 Mount

Cobra Clamp with iPad Air 1/2 Mount Bracket

Our Price: $59.95
SC-CS-MU - Cobra Clamp, Mini-Universal Mount

Cobra Clamp with Mini-Universal Mount Bracket

Our Price: $59.95
SC-CS-AS - Cobra Clamp, Small Adjustable Tablet PC Mount

Cobra Clamp with Small Adjustable Tablet PC Mount Bracket

Our Price: $59.95
SC-CS-AXL - Cobra Clamp, Extra Large Adjustable Tablet PC Mount

Cobra Clamp with Extra Large Adjustable Tablet PC Mount Bracket

Our Price: $59.95
SC-CS-SP - Cobra Clamp, Smartphone Mount

Cobra Clamp with Smartphone Mount Bracket

Our Price: $59.95
P-COBRA - Cobra Clamp, No Mount

Cobra Clamp only, no mount

Our Price: $48.95