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What is a SnakeClamp video
What is a SnakeClamp video

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Your source for flexible gooseneck tubes! We offer a wide variety of flexible gooseneck hose and rigid arms in stock and ready to ship. Splice them together for even more versatility. Rigid arms provide you with extra reach while gooseneck arms offer flexibility. We stock 7 standard flexible gooseneck models and can produce custom designs to your specifications.

* These gooseneck arms are not compatible with our Cobra and Econo Clamps which have fixed gooseneck arms *

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9", 13", 18" Light-Duty, 18" Heavy-Duty, 18" Super-Duty and 24" Heavy-Duty flexible gooseneck hose arms by SnakeClamp Products.  You can splice gooseneck arms together with our optional 1" threaded stud.  Flexible gooseneck end adapter showing slot cuts and 4mm set screw with 2mm Allen wrench.  12" long Rigid Arm includes a 1" threaded stud for splicing to another rigid arm or a flexible gooseneck arm. Our Rigid Arm gives you extra reach; our flexible gooseneck arms give you flexibility  A flexible gooseneck tube is made of a high-strength inner steel spring (for strength) which is wrapped with a soft galvanized iron wire (for stiffness; brass or stainless steel can also be used) 


We offer 7 different model flexible gooseneck arms in stock and ready to ship:

SnakeClamp Mascot
  • 9", chrome-plated
  • 13", black e-paint
  • 18" Light-Duty, chrome-plated
  • 18" Heavy-Duty, chrome-plated
  • 18" Heavy-Duty, black e-paint
  • 18" Super-Duty, chrome-plated
  • 24" Heavy-Duty, chrome-plated

Our flexible gooseneck arms feature either a durable chrome-plated finish or a black e-painted finish. Each end of the gooseneck has an adapter with 3/8"-24 (24 threads per inch) female threads. NOTE: 3/8" screws, washers and a 7/32" Allen wrench (for 3/8" screw) are included with SnakeClamp attachments and mounting bases. THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THE GOOSENECK but can be purchased separately (see item SCP-HP Hardware Pack). Both end adapters include a 4mm set screw to hold the 3/8" screw firmly in place. A 2mm Allen wrench (for 4mm set screw) is also included.

Our 9", 18" Heavy-Duty, 18" Super-Duty and 24" Heavy-Duty gooseneck arms are very stiff. The exceptions are our 13" and 18" Light-Duty goosenecks which are much more flexible but do not support as much weight. Gooseneck arms are strongest in the vertical position. In this orientation all of our gooseneck arms can support 6 lbs. However with the 18" Light-Duty gooseneck the weight must remain centered over the mount. With the gooseneck arm mounted horizontally, it's weakest orientation, the 9", 18" Heavy-Duty and 24" gooseneck arms can support 2 lbs. without bending; the 18" Super-Duty can support 2-1/2 lbs. and the 13" and 18" Light-Duty goosenecks can each support 1/2 lb.

All flexible gooseneck and rigid arms are hollow, see table below for inside diameters (not visible on mobile devices). We offer an optional Lamp Nipple Pack (SCP-LNP) which can be used for attaching the flexible gooseneck or rigid arm with a nut, rather than a screw, for pulling wires.

Weight (ounces)
Diameter (mm)
Diameter (inches)
Minimum Bend
Radius (inches)
Horizontal Load
Capacity (pounds)
9" Gooseneck 6.5 13 3/16 2-1/2 2
13" Gooseneck 8.9 13 3/16 2-1/2 1/2
18" Light-Duty Gooseneck 10.9 13 3/16 2-1/2 1/2
18" Heavy-Duty Gooseneck 14.4 15 7/32 3 2
18" Super-Duty Gooseneck 18.6 18 5/16 3 2-1/2
24" Heavy-Duty Gooseneck 25.4 18 5/16 3 2
12" Rigid Arm 5.8 18 3/8 N/A 5

You can splice two goosenecks together for additional length with our 1" Threaded Stud (SCP-STUD1), sold separately. However a spliced gooseneck will not support as much weight as a single gooseneck.

Or you can combine our 12" Rigid Arm together with flexible gooseneck arms for even more possibilities. Flexible gooseneck arms are limited in reach and strength - but by splicing together rigid arms and flexible gooseneck arms you get the best of both worlds. Use our rigid arms to get the reach you need, then add a flexible gooseneck arm to provide the flexibility. Each rigid arm is 12" long and features the same 3/8"-24 female threads on each end. Rigid arms are hollow and weight 0.35 lbs. Each end has a 4mm set screw and we include a 2mm Allen wrench. One 1" threaded stud is included (SCP-STUD1) with each rigid arm for splicing to a flexible gooseneck arm or another rigid arm.

Flexible goosneck tube demonstration video   18" Flexible gooseneck tube demonstration video

Flexible goosneck tube demonstration video   18" Flexible gooseneck tube demonstration video

  • Choose from 7 standard designs in-stock and ready to ship
  • 18" gooseneck is offered in light, heavy and super-duty strengths
  • 3/8"-24 female threaded adapters on each end
  • 4mm set screw on both end adapters to hold 3/8" screw firmly in place
  • 2mm Allen wrench for 4mm set screw
  • Chrome-plated finish or black e-paint finish
  • One Year Free Replacement Warranty

Flexible gooseneck arms are also known as goosenecks, flexible tubes, flexible hose and flexible metal tubing.


We can make custom flexible goosenecks to your specifications with a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces.
Please contact us with your requirements.

Click on image to enlarge

Custom flexible gooseneck tubes by SnakeClamp Products.  We manufacture top-quality flexible goosenecks to your specifications - sizes, colors, coverings, end adapters, stiffness, flexibility.  Send us your requirements.  Custom flexible gooseneck tube by SnakeClamp Products  Custom flexible gooseneck by SnakeClamp Products  Flexible gooseneck tube with 1mm thick gray silicone covering.  Other colors available. 
  • Minimum order quantity: 500 pcs
  • Different size combinations of inner spring/outer wrapping determines stiffness vs. flexibility
  • Includes custom end adapters for attachment; you specify the design and threads
  • Many finishes and colors available including electro-plating (chrome, nickel, zinc, black), plastic covered, silicone covered, painted, sand-blasted


Check out our Accessories category for many other useful parts!

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