Cobra Clamp, Mini-Universal Mount

SC-CS-MU $59.95

Cobra Clamp with Mini-Universal Mount Bracket.

The iPad & Tablet Cobra Clamp features 3 adjustable aluminum arms that lock together to position your iPad, tablet or eReader. Each arm is approximately 12" long and provides rotation in two dimensions. Ratcheted tooth design securely locks joints into place. Use either two or three arms for a reach of up to 3 feet. One arm includes a locking ball-and-swivel joint with a four-point adapter. The four-point adapter securely snaps onto your attachment. You can rotate your iPad/tablet/eReader by loosening the thumb turn and then re-tightening. The iPad & Tablet Cobra Clamp includes a black-painted metal table clamp that attaches to any desk, table, bed headboard, etc. between 1/4" and 2-3/8" thick. Non-slip rubber grips protect finished surfaces.

Our Mini Universal Bracket is adjustable to fit any tablet, eReader or smartphone with a dimension between 5-1/4" and 8". Minimum recommended width is 3". This includes devices such as the iPad, Kindle, Nook, Fire, Asus Eee, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and more. Made of tough composite plastic and adjustable metal arms. Soft rubber bumpers are 3/4" wide and securely grab your device.

Regular price $59.95