SnakeClamp Image Gallery

We offer many different attachments, flexible gooseneck arms and mounting bases to "hold what you need, right where you need it."  Click on a relevant image to build your SnakeClamp.

The original SnakeClamp, a needle nose clamp attached to a flexible gooseneck arm
The Lamp SnakeClamp - we offer 3 different size reflector lamps for our flexible gooseneck tube arms
iPad attached to wheelchair with 24" flexible gooseneck arm and Megaclamp
Action Figure SnakeClamp shown holding 1/6 scale action figure
SnakeClamp iPad stand with 18" heavy-duty flexible arm, extra-large adjustable mount and weighted round base
Double Clamp SnakeClamp features a spring clamp on each end.  Available in 3 flexible arm sizes
Small camera mounted on flexible gooseneck arm and attached to shelf with table clamp
The iPhone & Smartphone SnakeClamp offers a phone holder with your choice of flexible arm and many mounting base options
Camera attached directly to countertop with Table Clamp, Coupling and Camera Ball Head
The Microphone SnakeClamp offers more flexible gooseneck and mounting base options than any other microphone stand
Machine Guard Snakeclamp flexible arm shield for worker protection in the workshop
iPad mounted to wheelchair with flexible gooseneck arm.  Shown with 18" heavy-duty gooseneck, Megaclamp and Extra Large Adjustable Tablet Mount
The Sign Holder SnakeClamp is a store display sign with a flexible gooseneck arm.  Available with metal or acrylic sign holder
Mirror SnakeClamp : A mirror on a flexible gooseneck arm and many mounting base options
Heavy-Duty iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp shows tablet wall mounted with Plate Mount and Universal Ball Head
OK, it's not really a SnakeClamp but we carry this popular iPad and tablet stand mount with 3 rigid arms for mounting your device
iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp turns your iPad or tablet into a document camera.  Shown with Rigid Arm, flexible gooseneck arm and weighted round base.
iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp with 18" Heavy-Duty gooseneck arm and Table Clamp mounting base
Cup & Drink Holder shown with flexible gooseneck arm and round base.  Check out all of our mounting base options.  You can attach this to wheelchairs, strollers, hospital beds, etc.
Choose either a 3" (5x) or 5" (2.5x) magnifier to pair with our many flexible gooseneck arm and mounting base options.
Two needle nose spring clamps with 18" flexible gooseneck arm and round base shown holding circuit board
Our Wide Clamp attached to flexible arm makes a great document or craft holder
SnakeClamp webcam stand shown with Logitech webcam, Camera Mount Adapter, 13" flexible gooseneck arm and Square Base.  Many options available at