Testimonials from SnakeClamp Customers

iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp installed in Vans RV-12 airplane

The Snake Clamp in the photo is as installed in my Vans RV-12. No problems. Highly recommended.

I 'store' the unit by sticking on the wall of my metal hangar when not in use. The photo shows a steel plate attached to the aluminum console...it works just fine. I like that I can easily adjust it to keep it out of the way of the control stick and my legs.

A quality product.

John F, Salida, CO

SnakeClamp has allowed me to more easily and more effectively show my foods class demonstrations. I use Air Server to help with the projection, but the snake arms allow me to move the camera quickly and the students see more clearly through my iPad.


Elizabeth A., Bloomfield Hills, MI

Great turnaround and great products.

Karl H, Los Altos, CA

I want you to know, that over a year ago I bought a snake clamp ipad stand with the round base for my iPad and I use it every single day!. For hours a day. I wouldn't know what to do without it! I will never be without one that's for sure!

Thanks again, Chuck

Chuck S., Howe, IN

I just want to say thanks for your great products it makes a person like me with disability perform everyday functions easily!

Jon S., Racine, WI

Thank you from my heart for all your help . Love you guys. I am soooooo happy with my tablet holder that I have no words. There is NO store on all east coast that sells gooseneck tablet holder. Thanks again from all my heart.

Chris C., Carlstadt, NJ

I wanted your company to know how important your SnakeClamp is to us. We now have 100% of our teachers using one in the classroom all day in our building! I am hopeful during my workshops across Maine to send you more business. Your product helps us to allow students to video lessons to post on our classroom blog, present curriculum materials to our classes, take photos and videos of student work to post on their digital portfolios, and use our iPads as document cameras to use manipulatives that are pertinent to our students learning such as coins, rulers, and text. Thank you so much for your product!

Jacqueline D., Scarborogh, ME

SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck arm and Spring Clamp supporting a hair dryer to assist with dog grooming

A suggestion for your marketing team…dog groomers, pet supply, breeders, AKC This apparatus is sent from heaven… Sincerely,

Bonnie-Beth and Trooper, Galt, CA

SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck arm supporting iPad Mini in Piper Saratoga airplane

I have used a heavy duty 24” gooseneck mated to a multiclamp and ball head to attach to my existing IPad mini cradle. The entire installation positions my IPad very strategically in the cockpit of my Piper Saratoga. The positioning and proximity to the throttle quadrant and installed avionics makes everything a breeze to operate and position as needed to avoid glare from the sun. An additional benefit of this mounting location is the removal of the IPad from sunlight. This position totally prevents overheating and system shutdown. The multiclamp is installed to the left rail of the pilots seat. The gooseneck runs under the seat and out the right side where it is curved up in the exact position needed. If required, the entire assembly can be pushed backward between the pilot and co-pilot seats. The only change I made was the removal of the supplied torque lever assembly for tightening the multiclamp and the replacement of that lever/bolt assembly with a bolt and 2 washers. This modification cost me .25. The assembly tightens well and stays in place. The install has been in place 3 months without any adjustments. This is a great system!!!!! A very satisfied customer.

Jim I., St. Petersburg, FL