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The SnakeClamp Lab

Here are some cool things you can do with SnakeClamp components!

Use your iPad as a document camera. Why buy a document camera stand for your iPad or tablet when the SnakeClamp can be used both as a regular iPad stand AND document camera stand? We introduced our Round Weighted Base to give the SnakeClamp a solid footing to support your iPad in the document camera orientation. When you are not using your iPad as a document camera, simply bend the gooseneck and use it to hold your iPad in any orientation that you want.

The SnakeClamp is not just an iPad document camera stand

Our Magnet Base can attach to any ferrous metal. Shown here the Magnet Base is attached to a drill press and is used to hold an LED flashlight.

The SnakeClamp can attach to any ferrous metal with our Magnet Base mounting option

Split your flexible gooseneck arm into two flexible gooseneck arms! Our 90 Degree Angle Adapter allows you to create a 90 degree turn from a flexible gooseneck or rigid arm. Shown here are two 90 Degree Angle Adapters used to split one gooseneck into two goosenecks.

The 90 Degree Angle Adapter allows you to split your flexible gooseneck arm into two

Here is another example of a customer spitting one gooseneck arm into two. In this case a single 90 Degree Angle Adapter is used and the two goosenecks are spliced together with our 1" Threaded Stud.

Here the 1" Threaded Stud is used to splice two flexible gooseneck arms together

This is how SnakeClamp does overhead product photography. We use our MultiClamp to attach to the vertical post of the tripod, then use a 12" Rigid Arm and Camera Mount Adapter to mount the camera overhead.