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Mount Your iPad, Tablet or eReader in Your Bed – Introducing the SnakeClamp Bed Post

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

We have solved the problem of how to mount your iPad, tablet or eReader in your bed! Let’s face it, it’s the end of the day, you’re tired and you just want to chill out with your iPad in bed and perhaps read a good book, watch a movie or go window shopping on eBay. Despite the millions of iPads sold, there have been very few products that can actually hold your iPad, tablet or eReader for you while you lay in bed. Many bedside night tables don’t have adequate edges for attaching a mount or stand and even if they do, they are too far away to work with a flexible gooseneck. It’s the same problem with bed headboards – it is difficult to attach a clamp to most of them, and even if you can it is probably still too far away to extend a flexible arm into an ideal viewing position.

Introducing our new SnakeClamp Bed Post – an under-mattress mounting platform for your iPad or eReader SnakeClamp:

The Bed Post simply slips under your mattress

SnakeClamp Bed Post iPad Tablet eReader Bed Mount

The SnakeClamp Bed Post simply slips under your mattress to provide a sturdy bedside mounting post for attaching your iPad or eReader SnakeClamp. It is made of 3 steel tubes which easily connect together with a 3-way quick-release connector. Two of the legs are 15″ long and one leg is 18″ long.

Insert the Bed Post under your mattress for a sturdy mounting point

SnakeClamp Bed Post for iPad Mounting

iPad bed mounting option

The SnakeClamp Bed Post Slips Under Your Mattress

The SnakeClamp Bed Post is designed to work with our popular iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp, Heavy-Duty iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp or eReader SnakeClamp – which you build by choosing your combination of device mount, flexible gooseneck arm and mounting base. We recommend our Multiclamp mounting base for use with the Bed Post because it is very sturdy and can be easily and quickly applied and removed. Our popular 18″ Heavy-Duty flexible gooseneck arm works great with iPads as shown in the picture below. For lightweight devices such as the iPad Mini or Kindle we recommend our 18″ (regular) flexible gooseneck arm.

UPDATE AUGUST 2017:  The Multiclamp has been discontinued and replaced with our new, improved and super-strong MEGACLAMP.

iPad SnakeClamp attached to Bed Post

Mount Your iPad in Bed

To assemble your Bed Post, insert the springs into the 3-way connector:

Bed Post connector

Bed Post Quick-Release Connector

Then simply slide the steel tubes onto the 3-way connector and slip two of the tubes under your mattress:

Bed Post connection

Slide The Steel Tubes onto the 3-Way Connector

And there you have it, now you can rest your tired arms and let SnakeClamp serve as a stand for your iPad, tablet or eReader while you relax in bed!


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