Mounting Plate SnakeClamp Flexible Gooseneck Arm Equipment Mount

Mounting Plate SnakeClamp Flexible Arm Equipment Mount

Our Mounting Plate SnakeClamp offers 3 different size ABS plastic plates for mounting of electronics, controllers and other equipment to our flexible gooseneck hose arm designs. Choose from many mounting base options.

Our Mounting Plate SnakeClamp was created for mounting various objects to our flexible gooseneck arms. Examples would include electronics boxes such as controllers, monitors, sniffers and microphones; and inspection, scanning and recording devices where the flexibility of an adjustable mount is required. Equipment can easily be screw mounted to our black ABS plastic plates or attached with glue or Velcro®.  The Mounting Plates are attached to the flexible gooseneck arm with a sturdy 3/8" stainless steel screw and spring washer arrangement which allows for 360 degree rotation.  Click here for detailed information on our flexible gooseneck tubes.

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