Workholding SnakeClamp : Third Hand Clamps with Flexible Gooseneck Arms

Workholding SnakeClamp Clamps attached to flexible gooseneck tube arms

Our Workholding SnakeClamp flexible arm clamp features a Needle Nose, 3-Finger, Spring or Wide Clamp attached to a flexible gooseneck tube arm to hold what you need, right where you need it. Choose from many flexible gooseneck tube designs and mounting base options. No other third hand flexible mounting solution offers as many options as the SnakeClamp!

Build your Workholding SnakeClamp by choosing an attachment, a flexible gooseneck tube arm and a mounting bases. You can even attach several gooseneck tubes and clamps to our Round Base which is offered with either 1, 2 or 3 mounting holes. Click here for detailed information on our flexible gooseneck tubes.  Attachments and Mounting Bases include all hardware for connecting to flexible gooseneck or rigid arms. For miniature workholding clamps check out our Micro SnakeClamp Collection

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