SnakeClamp Customer Photos

Here are some pictures from SnakeClamp customers.  Please send us yours and show the world new ways to "hold what you need, right where you need it." Click on image to build your SnakeClamp.

Heavy-Duty iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp holding an iPad at a DJ mixing board
iPad mounted in a Vans airplane with magnet base
Workholding SnakeClamp holding a hand dryer in a dog grooming application
SnakeClamp shown holding an iPad in a workshop
SnakeClamp Wide clamps supporting a circuit board in a data center
Magnifier SnakeClamp magnifier with a flexible arm being used in the making of fishing lures
iPad mounted to flexible gooseneck arm used in dental office
Needle Nose Clamps being used in laboratory for cable management
iPad & Tablet Cobra Clamp tablet holder being used to record backgammon match
iPad SnakeClamp with flexible gooseneck arm holding an iPad in a elementary school classroom
Sign SnakeClamp acrylic sign holders shown with 12" rigid arm and table clamp in emergency operations center
iPad SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck tablet mount attached to Invacare power wheelchair powerchair
RAV Vast steel tongue drums mounted in modified snare drum stands.  SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck arms used to hold Sennheiser microphones under them for audio pickup.