Double Clamp SnakeClamp Flexible Gooseneck Third Hand

Double Clamp SnakeClamp - Third Hand - Two Spring Clamps on a flexible gooseneck tube arm

Two spring clamps on a flexible gooseneck hose arm to hold what you need, right where you need it. Ideal for artists and crafters as a third hand. Three different size flexible gooseneck tube options.

Our super-flexible Double Clamp SnakeClamp is ideal for mounting and positioning all kinds of things. Clamp anything anywhere. Widely used by artists and crafters to assist in sewing, painting, quilting, scrapbooking and other close work. Supports your materials so that your hands are free to work. Clamp it to your table, frame, drawing board or work surface and angle it to the perfect viewing position.  We offer 3 different flexible gooseneck tube sizes/strengths.   Click here for detailed information on our flexible gooseneck tubes.  We recommend the 18" Light-Duty gooseneck for lightweight objects. The 18" Heavy-duty and 24" Heavy-Duty gooseneck arms are suitable for heavier objects.

  • 18" Light-Duty supports 1/2 lb.
  • 18" Heavy-Duty supports 2 lb.
  • 24" Heavy-Duty supports 1-3/4 lb.