Custom Solutions

SnakeClamp's modular design allows for hundreds of different configurations for workholding and mounting solutions. Yes, sometimes a custom solution still requires a custom design.

Design Services

Our approach and experience is based on creating and designing unique, highly functional and heavy-duty workholding and mounting solutions for companies that can’t find existing solutions off the shelf. Our design process includes needs assessment, conceptualization, feedback cycling, prototyping, production, and installation assistance, if necessary, that ultimately focuses on the user experience. As a full service provider, we manage the entire process – often including accessories and hardware – to give our customers added convenience, strict quality control, and delivery without surprises.

Manufacturing Expertise

We utilize the following technologies in the design, prototyping and production of custom solutions for our clients, both through our in-house expertise and through trusted and tested manufacturing partners.

  • Engineering
  • CAD
  • CNC
  • 3D Printing
  • Injection molding
  • Laser metal machining and welding
  • Metal and plastics manufacturing
  • Traditional mechanical machinery and equipment

Case Study -- Architectural Hardware Products

Some of our recent solutions include designing and building a custom (patent pending) gear assembly to provide evenly notched 360 degree positioning for an architectural hardware products company. The gear assembly attached to a custom mounting device that allowed ceiling tiles to be individually positioned on a 3-axis basis while “clicking” into position for clean, evenly aligned placement, which allows hundreds and thousands of ceiling tiles to be turned, angled, and tilted into unique, 3D ceiling art as part of very contemporary architectural and interior design.

Case Study -- Healthcare

We provided custom workholding and mounting solutions for a large healthcare organization that was transitioning from paper files to electronic records. Our custom tablet mounting solution and table top registration unit provide secure and protective mounting of their registration tablets, yet offer a user experience that is easy to use, flexible, and more efficient than previous paper-based processes. The wall units feature a traditional cam lock security mechanism and a two-piece case and mounting unit, allowing the device to be racked or removed for use. When removed from the wall mount, the case is secured by a six-foot security tether. A separate internal holding tray can easily be upgraded and replaced to satisfy future tablet sizes without having to remove and replace the entire assembly.

Case Study -- Insurance 

In an effort to improve efficiency and safety, a national insurance company developed device to allow its adjusters to perform visual inspections on properties (particularly roofs) without the need to climb a ladder. The device featured a telescoping carbon pole with a high definition camera and an iPad. Working closely with this company, we designed and provided accessories to secure both the camera and tablet to the pole to make it a combined single-piece unit, which allowed quick and easy setup and storage of the unit from one location to the next, which significantly reduced accidental falls while vastly improving the number of daily inspections performed.

Case Study -- Flexible Gooseneck Tubes

We’ve manufactured a lot of flexible gooseneck tubes since 2010 and along the way have developed expertise in the art of gooseneck design to maximize flexibility, strength, rigidity and to minimize rebound, sagging, and breakage. We’ve manufactured custom gooseneck tubes for various medical, military, utility and sensing equipment applications in addition to our standard stock goosenecks that are sold worldwide.

Industries We Serve


  • Education
  • POS
  • Tradeshow
  • Medical
  • Healthcare
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing 


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