Hold What You Need,
Right Where You Need It

Flexible gooseneck tubes with attachments and mounting bases
for holding just about anything.

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Build Your Own SnakeClamp

What is a SnakeClamp?

It's a build-your-own stand or mount with interchangeable attachmentsflexible gooseneck tube arms and mounting bases designed to "hold what you need, right where you need it." SnakeClamp Products has created a new category of modular hardware products that can be mixed and matched to create a custom tool for a specific job. Like building blocks, you choose from a wide selection of components to build custom flexible arm products. There are hundreds of different SnakeClamp combinations to solve many different "I need a third hand" mounting, supporting and positioning challenges!

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Attachments for Almost Anything

We offer attachments for iPads and other tablets, e-readers, smartphones, cameras, webcams, video cameras, microphones, cups/drinks, lighting and store display signs. We also have micro clamps, magnifiers and attachments for workholding and machine guarding. We can provide custom mounting solutions as well. Contact us with your request.

Flexible Gooseneck and Rigid Arms

Our Flexible Gooseneck Tube Arms are available in 9", 13", 18" and 24" lengths. The 18" length is available in light, heavy and super-duty strengths.  We have thousands of flexible gooseneck tubes in stock and ready to ship. Custom designs are also available.  SnakeClamp is your source for high quality flexible gooseneck tubes!

Mounting Bases

Attach your SnakeClamp to almost anything. Use our Table Clamp, Megaclamp, Round Base, Magnet Base, Plate Mount, Angle Mount or Suction Cup to attach your SnakeClamp right where you need it. 

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Have a special requirement?

The SnakeClamp is designed to be flexible and has many uses.  If you have a special mounting, positioning or clamping requirement, please email us at support@snakeclamp.com. Our products are used in aerospace, automotive, commercial, educational, hobby, manufacturing, medical, military, personal consumer, photography, research and development, retail, technology and utility markets.

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