Mirror SnakeClamp with Flexible Gooseneck Tube Arm

The Mirror SnakeClamp is a mirror mounted on a flexible gooseneck arm

The Mirror SnakeClamp is a mirror on a flexible gooseneck tube arm. It is available with your choice of three mirror sizes and many different flexible gooseneck hose arm and mounting base options. No other mirror offers so much flexibility!

Our Mirror SnakeClamp is available with three mirror sizes:  6-1/4" diameter round, 8-1/2" diameter round or 5-1/2" x 7-1/2" rectangular.  Both round mirrors are convex which means that it gives you a wide field of view.  This makes objects appear smaller (about 1/2 the size) and thus further away.  The rectangular mirror is flat so the reflection is unchanged.  With all of our flexible gooseneck hose arms and mounting base options you can position it just about anywhere! Click here for detailed information on our flexible gooseneck tubes.  Attachments and Mounting Bases include all hardware for connecting to flexible gooseneck or rigid arms.

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