Microphone SnakeClamp Flexible Gooseneck Mount

Microphone SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck tube mounts

The Microphone SnakeClamp Microphone Stand is the most versatile microphone stand on the market. Choose from many microphone flexible gooseneck hose arm models and mounting base options.

Our super-flexible Microphone SnakeClamp microphone stand is ideal for mounting your microphone anywhere you need it - floor, podium, pulpit, tables, etc. With all of our different mounting options you can mount it just about anywhere. Choose from a large variety of microphone flexible arms to mount your microphone in the perfect spot. No other microphone stand can compare! Click here for detailed information on our flexible gooseneck tubes.  Attachments and Mounting Bases include all hardware for connecting to flexible gooseneck or rigid arms.

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