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Announcing our New 18" Very Light-Duty Flexible Gooseneck Tubing

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of our new 18" Very Light-Duty flexible gooseneck tube:

18" Very Light-Duty Flexible Gooseneck Tube

Customers have long asked us for a thinner, lighter flexible gooseneck tube for applications that don't support much weight (such as LED lighting).  This new design is also an excellent option for our precision Micro Clamps.  This new design is 18" long and features our same 3/8"-24 female threaded adapters on each end.  Each adapter also comes with a 4mm set screw and allen wrench.

18" Very Light-Duty flexible gooseneck end adapter showing 3/8"-24 female threads and 4mm set screw

This flexible gooseneck tube features a durable chrome-plated finish.  It weighs in at 5.5 ounces and has an outside diameter of 8mm.  The inside diameter is 9/64".  Mounted horizontally (the weakest orientation) it can support 2 ounces without bending.  However it is stronger in other orientations.

Here we have combined our Micro Clamp with the 18" Very Light-Duty flexible gooseneck tube and our Round Base.  The Round Base is also available with 2 or 3 mounting holes.

Micro Clamp SnakeClamp shown with Micro Clamp, 18" Very Light flexible gooseneck tube and Round Base.

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