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Check Out Our New Mill Drill! Now We Can Make You Custom Thread Adapters

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

Last week SnakeClamp Products acquired a new mill drill which gives us the the flexibility to do more for you.  Here it is:

Grizzly mill-drill in SnakeClamp shop

Grizzly 0761 Mill Drill with Tapping

Not only does this machine give us the ability to do precision milling and drilling in-house, but it also has a “tapping” function. Tapping is the process of threading a hole to accept screws and/or bolts. And I must say this machine does a great job of tapping. It cuts threads into type 303 stainless steel like a hot knife in butter!

Why do we need the ability to do tapping?  Because we use a 3/8″-24 female thread on the end adapters of all our flexible gooseneck and rigid arms.  Now we can offer you a Custom Adapter to convert our standard threads into almost any thread you require.

SnakeClamp Products can make custom adapters for attaching all kinds of things to our flexible gooseneck tube arms

P-CA Custom Adapter

This new machine will help us help you attach almost anything to our line of flexible gooseneck and rigid arms.

SnakeClamp Products threading a custom adapter

Tapping a custom stainless steel thread adapter


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