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Flexible Gooseneck Arm Microphone Mount Used in Gaming Setup

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

A gaming customer discovered how well our Microphone SnakeClamp works to support his microphone in his awesome gaming setup:

Microphone SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck mount used in gaming setup

Shown here is our 18" Super-Duty flexible gooseneck arm attached to a desk with our Table Clamp.  The microphone is supported with our Microphone Clip attachment (which includes a threaded mic adapter).

In our customer's own words:

I’m using my snakeclamp for my microphone which I use while gaming. Previously I had a microphone arm that took up a large amount of desk space and was awkwardly placed. The snakeclamp is a massive improvement and feels very solid! Thanks for making a quality product, my pictures are attached.

Here's a close-up of the microphone in the microphone clip:

Microphone supported by mic clip attached to flexible gooseneck arm

In addition to the flexible gooseneck, the mic clip can also be tilted up and down.

Gaming has become very popular these days and if you want to be at the top of your game you will want a quality microphone stand.  What makes SnakeClamp unique is the many flexible gooseneck tube and mounting base options.  We likely have a solution to hold your microphone exactly where you need it.  Build your Microphone SnakeClamp here.

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