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The Best Webcam Stands - SnakeClamp Professional Quality Flexible Gooseneck Webcam Stands and Webcam Mounts

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

If you're looking for a professional quality webcam stand you've come to the right place.  SnakeClamp webcam stands are trusted by the United States Customs and Border Protection, Pearson Vue test centers and many hospital facilities using RightPatient's Biometric Patient Identification.

Why?  Because SnakeClamp webcam stands are built with high-quality components intended to last a lifetime.  In addition we offer so many flexible gooseneck or rigid arm and mounting base options you will certainly find the perfect combination to meet your webcam mounting requirements.

SnakeClamp professional quality flexible arm webcam stand
SnakeClamp webcam stand shown with Camera Mount Adapter, 13" Flexible Gooseneck Arm in Black, and Square Base

There are two ways to purchase a SnakeClamp webcam stand - build your own in our Camera Collection or choose from one of the many webcam stand bundles in our Webcam Stand Bundles Collection.

For our flexible arm webcam stands we recommend our fixed stainless steel Camera Mount Adapter and for our rigid arm webcam stands we recommend our Camera Ball Head.  The Camera Ball Head allows you to tilt and swivel your webcam.

Our mounting base options include our Square Base, Round Base, Round Base Weighted, Table Clamp, Megaclamp (attaches to flat or round objects), Suction Cup, Magnet Mount, Plate Mount and Angle Mount.  You can mount your webcam stand just about anywhere!

You can permanently attach your webcam stand with our Plate Mount
SnakeClamp webcam stand shown with Camera Mount Adapter, 18" Flexible Gooseneck Arm and Plate Mount


If you have a special webcam mounting requirement please contact us.

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