Rock Solid Connector

SCP-RSC $7.95

This Rock Solid Connector replaces the 4-point adapter used with our Small Adjustable Tablet PC Mount or Extra Large Adjustable Tablet PC Mount and provides a strong, secure screwed connection to your flexible gooseneck arm.

What's Included

  • (1) square 4-lobed black ABS plastic AMPS adapter
  • (4) #6 x 5/8" black stainless steel screws

Assembly Instructions

1. Loosen the 4mm set screw at the end of your flexible gooseneck arm.
2. Remove the 3/8" screw, 4 point adapter and washers.
3. Insert the 3/8" screw into the counterbore (recessed) side of the AMPS adapter.  Insert the flat washer, spring washer and another flat washer on the underside of the AMPS adapter, in that order, then screw into the gooseneck.  Tighten the 3/8" screw so that spring washer is about 1/2 way compressed.
4. Gently tighten the 4mm set screw.
5. Remove the 4 screws and round cover plate on the back of your Tablet PC Mount and discard.
6. Connect the AMPS adapter to the Tablet PC Mount using the 4 new black screws provided.
NOTE: after you convert to the Rock Solid connection you can no longer go back to the 4-point adapter as the new screws will enlarge the holes.


Regular price $7.95
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