Flexwire Custom Length Waterproof Solid Core Flexible Arm

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Our Flexwire product is a durable, waterproof flexible mounting and positioning arm alternative to our flexible gooseneck tubes. It is ideal for mounting objects in harsh or outdoor environments where a flexible positioning arm is required. Sample applications include the mounting of sensors or scanners in factories exposed to chemicals, outdoor security cameras, and equipment or electronics on boats and ships in marine environments.

Flexwire is an alternative to our flexible gooseneck tube products. It is better suited to applications where frequent positioning and re-positioning is not required because it is quite strong. As a result, once bent it is more difficult to straighten. However with it's increased strength it can support more weight than our flexible gooseneck tubes:

Load Capacity
36 0.5
30 2
24 2.5
18 3
12 5.5
9 7
6 20

Flexwire is made in the USA with a solid #1 gauge copper wire covered with a 16mm outside diameter PVC tube. Each end is fitted with a type 303 stainless steel adapter with 3/8"-24 female threads. The end adapters also have 4mm set screws and "slot cuts" for holding with a wrench.

Flexwire is sold by the inch with a minimum length of 6 inches and a maximum of 36 inches.  Note that at shorter lengths Flexwire is so strong that it will be difficult to bend by hand.

How to calculate the weight of Flexwire: The two end adapters have a combined weight of 4.2 ounces and are each about 2" long.  So a 6" long Flexwire will have two end adapters plus 2" of wire/PVC.  Each inch of wire/PVC weighs 0.5166666 ounces.  Therefore a 6" long Flexwire will weigh 4.2 + (2 x 0.5166666) = 5.23 ounces.

Should you select USPS as your shipping method please note that we may ship Flexwire over 18" long by UPS instead due to length limitations.

Flexwire is made in the USA

  • (1) Flexwire with stainless steel end adapters
  • (2) 4mm set screws
  • (1) 2mm allen wrench

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