SnakeClamp Third Hand Tool with Needle Nose Clamp, 18" Flexible Gooseneck Arm and Round Base

SC-NN3-GN18-RB $53.85

This Third Hand Tool bundle creates a professional quality helping hands stand featuring our versatile needle nose spring clamp for holding all kinds of objects.  In includes our Needle Nose Clamp, 18" Light-Duty Flexible Gooseneck Arm and Round Base.

Our Needle Nose Spring Clamp has a very strong spring for excellent clamping force. Dual mounting holes for attaching either parallel or perpendicular to the flexible gooseneck arm (parallel shown).  4-1/2" reach, 3" wide jaw opening. Made of tough, lightweight fiber reinforced nylon. Assembled in the USA. Ideal wherever a "third hand" is required: for hobbyists, crafters, laboratory, etc.

The 18" long light-duty flexible gooseneck tube arm features a durable chrome-plated finish. Each end is fitted with a sturdy adapter featuring 3/8"-24 (24 threads per inch) female threads and slot cuts for tightening with a wrench. 4mm set screw on each end adapter and 2mm Allen wrench included. Suitable for supporting lightweight objects.  Supports 1/2 lb. fully extended in the horizontal (weakest) orientation.

Our steel Round Base is an attractive and functional mounting option for your SnakeClamp. It looks great on a table or desk with it's black powdercoat finish. Approximately 9" diameter, weights just under 2 lbs. and made of 2mm thick steel.

Regular price $53.85
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