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As you know, the SnakeClamp is a unique product and as such is difficult to market. Most of our customers find us on Google which is why we'd like to improve our search engine rankings.


Help us out and we'll send you a $25 Amazon gift card!  It's the easiest $25 you'll ever earn.

Option 1: Website link

One of the best ways to increase our search engine ranking is by having other websites link to our website with appropriate "anchor text." We will send you a $25 Amazon gift card in exchange for a link from your website to our website. Simply install some html code on your website and when the link is live, send us a message showing the location to receive your gift.

Here is how to create a link. Simply insert the page url address for your product and some descriptive anchor text.  Please send us your proposed anchor text for approval.  It is important that the anchor text contain keywords relative to the product and landing page.

<a href="">This is the anchor text</a>

Here is an example link to our Camera SnakeClamp:

<a href="">Check out this camera mount on a flexible gooseneck arm</a>

Option 2: SnakeClamp pictures

Send us 2-3 high quality images of your SnakeClamp setup, ideally in use in a real-world environment.  By doing so you grant us permission to use the images on our website and social media accounts.  If we like your images and decide to use them we will send you a $25 Amazon Gift Card.  Please submit your images to support @

Our Amazon Gift Card program is limited to one per customer.  Thanks for helping to spread the word!