SnakeClamp Third Hand Tool with Micro Clamp, 18" Very Light Flexible Gooseneck and Square Base


This Third Hand Tool bundle creates a professional quality helping hands stand for holding small, lightweight objects such as found in electronics, jewelry making and watch repair.  In includes our Micro Clamp, 18" Very-Light Flexible Gooseneck Arm and Square Base.

Our Micro Clamp is great for holding small, delicate items and getting into tight places. 2" (51mm) long nickel-plated steel alligator clip, 0.31" (7.8mm) jaw opening, 0.59" (15mm) reach. The alligator clip is attached to a type 303 stainless steel adapter with 8-32 threads; the other end of the adapter has 3/8"-24 threads for attaching to SnakeClamp brand flexible gooseneck tube or rigid arms. A knurled stainless steel locking nut allows you to rotate the alligator clip and then lock it into place.  Click here for MIcro Clamp Specifications.

The 18" long very light-duty flexible gooseneck tube arm features a chrome-plated finish. Each end is fitted with a sturdy adapter featuring 3/8"-24 (24 threads per inch) female threads.  4mm set screw on each end adapter and 2mm Allen wrench included. This 18" very light-duty flexible gooseneck arm supports very lightweight objects up to 2 ounces (1/8 lb.) fully extended in the horizontal (weakest) orientation.  Outside diameter approximately 8mm.

Our 6" x 6" Square Base mounting option is made from 1/4" thick steel and weighs about 2-1/4 lbs.  Durable black powdercoat finish.  Felt pads included to protect your work surface. 

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