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Flexible Arm LED Lamp Inspired by Adam Savage's One Day Builds

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

A customer contacted us with pictures of a flexible arm LED lamp that he built using SnakeClamp components.  He was inspired by Adam Savage's One Day Builds via his Adam Savage's Tested channel on YouTube.

VILTROX Light Panel on 24" Flexible Gooseneck Arm

LED light panel mounted on a SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck arm

This is a VILTROX L116T CRI95+ Super Slim Dimmable LED Light Panel,Bi-Color 3300K-5600K LED Video Light with LCD Control/Light Mount available at Amazon.

Our customer built this task/project light using our Round Weighted Base, 24" Heavy-Duty Gooseneck Tube Arm and Camera Ball Head.  The VILTROX L116T has a variable brightness/color light and is great anywhere you need bright, high-quality lighting.

If you watch the Adam Savage video you will see that the Loc-Line flexible arm material isn't all that strong.  That's why he had to install aluminum armature wire to stiffen it up.  Not a problem with our 24" flexible gooseneck arms - it supports up to 1-3/4 pounds without sagging!  And if you need extra reach you can always splice it onto one or more of our 12" Rigid Arms.

VILTROX Light Panel Attached to 24" Flexible Gooseneck Arm

LED panel light attached to flexible gooseneck arm with our Camera Ball Head


VILTROX Light Panel Attached to Gooseneck with Camera Ball Head
VILTROX light panel/video light attached to gooseneck arm with Camera Ball Head


Round Base Weighted is a Sturdy Mounting Option

The SnakeClamp Round Base Weighted is a sturdy option for a flexible arm LED light

If you have built something with SnakeClamp components please send us some pictures and you may provide some inspiration to others!

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