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Magnifying Glasses - Handheld or Flexible Arm Stand - Professional Quality

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

Today we are happy to announce the launch of our new line of magnifying glasses.  We now offer both hand held magnifying glasses and magnifying glasses with stands - choose your flexible arm and mounting base.  

 amp magnifying glass with stand - flexible gooseneck arm and round base

While we have offered flexible gooseneck arm magnifiers for many years, our new in-house design is a much improved tough, durable, professional-quality product designed and assembled in the USA. We offer these magnifying glasses with two grades of glass lenses - colorless or economy with a light green tint.  The clear lenses are available in magnifications of 3x, 8x, 10 and 15x and the economy lenses are available in 2.5x, 3x, 8x and 10x power.

Here is a comparison of the different lens powers:

Example of magnifying glass power

All of our glass lenses are 5" diameter, however the field of view is reduced to 4.6" due to the width of the glass fiber-reinforced nylon frame.  Each magnifier frame includes a 3/8"-24 threaded stud for attaching to either a flexible gooseneck arm, our proprietary Flexwire waterproof arm, or a black anodized aluminum handle.  The handle can be easily unscrewed for attaching the magnifier to a flexible arm stand.

Hands free hand held magnifying glass with glass lens

While our economy glass magnifying lenses have a light green tint, our colorless lenses do not.  We recommend our colorless lenses for applications where you need to see the true color of an object, such as when examining gemstones. Here is a comparison between our colorless and economy magnifying lenses:

We always like to point our that our products are the most versatile on the market - magnifying glasses included - because we offer so many flexible arm and mounting base options.  You can build your own magnifying glass stand by mounting a magnifying glass on one of our many flexible arms between 9" and 24" long; and choose from many of our mounting base options including our table clamp, megaclamp, plate mount, angle mount, round base, square base, magnet base and suction cup.

Here is a picture of the handle removed from the magnifying glass frame:

Hand held magnifying glass with handle removed
If you have any questions about our magnifying glasses please contact us at support @ snakeclamp.com


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