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New 6-Way Connection Manifold : Connect Multiple Items to your SnakeClamp

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

Introducing our new and improved 6-Way Connection Manifold.  This 1-1/4″ square black-anodized machined aluminum block allows you to connect different attachments or flexible gooseneck/rigid arms together.

6-way connection manifold with threaded studs

Now you can build even more interesting SnakeClamps. For example, a workholder with several clamps for holding an object; a camera mount with lighting, or a stand for supporting several smartphones or tablet PCs at once!

The 6-Way Connection Manifold has a threaded hole on each side and includes 6 threaded studs for attaching flexible gooseneck and/or rigid arms. But you can also connect this block directly to attachments or mounting bases using the screws included with those items.  If you want to permanently embed the threaded studs into the block we recommend Loctite, available at your local hardware store.

Black anodized machined aluminum connection manifold

Here is the connection manifold showing two flexible gooseneck tube arms and a rigid arm connected together:

6-way connection manifold attached to flexible gooseneck and rigid arm


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