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How Is A Flexible Gooseneck Hose Tube Made?

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

A flexible gooseneck hose tube is a really neat invention.  You’ve seen them for years used with desk lamps and of course back in the 90’s when Black & Decker introduced the popular “Snake Light” flashlight.  As we have shown since 2010, there are hundreds of other uses for flexible goosenecks and our customers continue to give us new ideas.

So how is a flexible gooseneck actually made?  Here’s a picture of one “unwrapped:”

How is a flexible gooseneck hose tube made?

The inside of the gooseneck is actually a spring which is made of a high-strength steel (stainless steel can also be used if the gooseneck will be exposed to moisture). This is what gives the gooseneck it’s strength and flexibility. Then a soft galvanized iron wire is compressed into the gaps of the spring coil (stainless steel or brass can also be used). This is what gives the gooseneck it’s stiffness – or ability to hold it’s position.

Many factors determine how stiff or rigid a flexible gooseneck is as well as how much weight it can support:

  • The material used for the inner spring and outer wires
  • The outside diameter of the inner spring and outer wires
  • The the size of the spring itself (inside/outside diameter).

We inventory six different size/strength flexible goosenecks at the time of this writing. We also product custom gooseneck products for many of our customers (minimum order quantity of 500 pieces). Contact us with your request.


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