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The Mirror SnakeClamp - A Mirror, a Flexible Gooseneck Arm and a Mounting Base

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest product - the Mirror SnakeClamp - your choice of 3 different mirrors for attaching to our line of flexible gooseneck tube arms and mounting base options:

The Mirror SnakeClamp offers 3 different mirror attachments and your choice of flexible gooseneck arm and many mounting base options

Mirror SnakeClamp shown with rectangular mirror, 18" heavy-duty flexible gooseneck arm and round base


Our mirrors are offered in 3 sizes: 6-1/4" round, 8-1/2" round and 5-1/2" x 7-1/2" rectangular.  The round mirrors are convex, which means that they are curved outward which provides a wider field of view.  Similar to mirrors in automobiles, they make the objects look farther away than they actually are.  The rectangular mirror is flat, so the object appears exactly as is.

8-1/2" Round Convex Mirror for attaching to SnakeClamp brand flexible gooseneck tubes

8-1/2" Round convex mirror

6-1/4" Round Convex mirror for attaching to SnakeClamp brand flexible gooseneck arms

6-1/4" Round convex mirror


The 6-1/4" round and rectangular mirrors attach to our line of flexible gooseneck tubes with an integral stainless steel adapter.  The 8-1/2" round mirror includes a stainless steel bracket, screw and washer for attaching to the flexible gooseneck arm.

Attaching a mirror to a flexible gooseneck arm has all kinds of applications.  For example it can give you a view of a tight workspace; or allow you to see around a corner.  The possibilities are endless - in fact this product was designed at the request of a SnakeClamp customer.

With all of our flexible gooseneck tube designs and mounting base options, nobody offers as many options as the Mirror SnakeClamp.  Build yours today!

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