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The Mother of Invention is indeed Necessity.

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

SnakeClamp: Hold what you need, where you need it.

 The original SnakeClamp

SnakeClamp Products was born out of an inventor’s need to hold some mechanical water misters in an agriculture greenhouse. Despite an assortment of clamps, rods,and various devices, none of these solutions provided a flexible, easy to configure setup that would allow quick repositioning and secure griping. Frustrated, the inventor turned to Google to research possible alternatives and discovered a void in the marketplace. As necessity is the mother of invention, shortly thereafter, SnakeClamp Products was born.

The goal of SnakeClamp Products was simple: to develop a tool that would simply “hold what you need, where you need it.” From those early days, we’ve grown to offering the original Needle Nose SnakeClamp to other configurations, including the iPad SnakeClamp and Camera SnakeClamp.

We launched our product line with the knowledge that there would be many uses for clamping attachments on a flexible arm. Since that time, we’ve heard from iPad users, educators, technology enthusiasts, hobbyists of all sorts, manufacturing engineers, and even people with disabilities that use the SnakeClamp to help with their daily routines. We’re always continuing to expand our distribution channels and developing new attachments to solve even more challenges. Many schools are putting SnakeClamp to use in the classroom and in computer labs to hold iPads used for instruction.

How would YOU use a SnakeClamp?! Check out the options at www.snakeclamp.com  and be sure to like us on facebook for the latest product updates.



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