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Dentists and Hygenists Have Discovered SnakeClamp Flexible Gooseneck Arms!

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

We have seen a surge in order volume among dentists and dental hygienists due to the Coronavirus pandemic. SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck arms are now being used to mount and position polycarbonate protective shields, suction devices and high volume evacuation systems that reduce aerosols.

Here is a Double Clamp SnakeClamp supporting a suction device:

SnakeClamp supporting a suction device in a dental chair

Unfortunately there are many different dental chair brands and arrangements, so you will have to choose the attachments, flexible gooseneck tubes and mounting bases to best fit your situation. One size does not fit all. Some customers have used our Microphone Clips to support their suction devices or evacuation funnels while others prefer our 3 Finger Clamp.

Here a SnakeClamp Table Clamp, 24" flexible gooseneck arm and 3 Finger Clamp are used to support a high volume evacuation suction device that is meant to reduce aerosol.  This frees up the hygienist so that they can use both hands for treatment: 

SnakeClamp high volume evacuation suction that is meant to reduce aerosol so that a hygienist doesn't have to hold it on his/her own and can use both hands for treatment

While we don't recommend splicing flexible gooseneck tubes together because they don't support very much weight, we did have several dentists do that. This one also happens to be very mechanically inclined and created his own suction holder device and figured out a way to attach directly to his chair!  In his own words "The heavy duty goosenecks are perfect for positioning and stability."

SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck arms supporting suction device in dental chair

Here we have another dentist that is very happy with his setup:

I equipped six treatment rooms with your products, they worked great to keep vacuum lines in place!! Thank you for making these wonderful products, they look absolutely professional. My staff really loves it and appreciate the safety that my creation is providing them.

He used two 24" flexible gooseneck arms splice together with our 1" threaded stud and mounted on our super-strong magnet base.  The 3 Finger Clamp is supporting the vacuum lines.

Two 24 inch flexible gooseneck arms spliced together with magnet base and 3 finger clamp used to hold suction line in dental office

In this example a dentist was able to support his evacuation hose to a nearby tabletop using our table clamp, 18" light-duty flexible gooseneck and microphone clip:

Dental evacuator funnel and hose supported from nearby table with SnakeClamp table clamp, 18" light-duty flexible gooseneck arm and microphone clip.

In this example a dentist drilled larger holes in our Angle Mount and attached it to his equipment using u-bolts:

Angle Mount attached to dental chair and using flexible gooseneck to support suction device

And here is the other end showing a suction device being held by our Microphone Clip:

SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck arm supporting suction device in dental office

Note also that the flexible gooseneck arm above has been coated with a clear heat-shrink material for easy cleaning.  More info on this below.

Some customers have inquired about "cleanable" coverings for the flexible gooseneck tubes.  While we can do that for you it would be a custom order with a minimum order quantity of 250-500 units. We have two other recommendations:

  • You can purchase 2:1 polyolefin heat shrink tubing which is available by the foot from CableTiesAndMore.com.  Choose a diameter that will slide over your flexible gooseneck and then shrink it with a heat gun (available at your local hardware store).
  • You can purchase clear or black PVC tubing at your local hardware store to slide over your flexible gooseneck.  PVC is flexible and easy to clean.

Should you need any assistance in finding a "third hand" flexible arm solution for holding protective shields, suction devices or high volume evacuation systems in your dental environment please call us or send an email.

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