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SnakeClamp Webcam Stand Supports Logitech Webcam at Eye Level

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

A very pleased customer recently sent us pictures of her SnakeClamp supporting her Logitech webcam at eye level. This webcam is used in conjunction with a desktop PC monitor that does not have an integrated webcam. 

Shown is our 18" medium-light duty flexible gooseneck arm which is great for lightweight webcams.  It can support 1/3 lb. without bending.  Attached to the end of the flexible gooseneck tube is our stainless steel Camera Mount Adapter.

SnakeClamp 18" Medium-Light Duty flexible gooseneck tube supporting Logitech webcam


In her own words:

I’m so glad I found your site in a Reddit discussion thread! The gooseneck is perfect for repositioning my webcam. Now I'm at eye level with my clients instead of looking over their heads! Thanks so much.

 Here is a view from the front:

SnakeClamp webcam stand supports the camera at eye level


You can build your own webcam stand with your choice of many flexible gooseneck arm and mounting base options or choose from one of our preconfigured webcam stands.

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