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Micro SnakeClamp : Precision Workholding Clamps – Your Miniature Third Hand!

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

As we continue to build out our product line, today we are proud to introduce our new Micro SnakeClamp!  These miniature clamps were actually created at the request of a neurovascular scientist in France who needed to “steadily hold a small wire and yet is easily manipulated around a surgical site without making contact with the specimen.”

Small Micro SnakeClamp Shown with Round Base

Our Micro Clamps are a combination of nickel-plated steel alligator clips (available in two sizes) mated to stainless steel thread adapters with a PVC coated #10 solid copper wire. In addition to the flexible gooseneck arm, the solid copper lead offers the perfect amount of stiffness and flexibility for precise positioning and holding strength.  As with all SnakeClamps, you “build your own” by selecting your choice of attachment, flexible gooseneck and/or rigid arms and mounting base.  There are hundreds of combinations.

The Small Micro Clamp has a tiny 3/16″ (4.7mm) jaw opening and 0.39″ (10mm) reach for supporting the smallest objects!

Small Micro Clamp with Stainless Steel Adapter

The Large Micro Clamp has a 0.31″ (7.8mm) jaw opening and 0.59″ (15mm) reach.  Here is a picture of both the Small and Large Micro Clamps working in tandem to support a small circuit board and wire for soldering:

Miniature Micro Clamps Third Hand Soldering Circuit Board

Contact SnakeClamp Products for solutions to your specific clamping or workholding needs.


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