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Quickly Change Attachments and Mounting Bases with New Quick Disconnect!

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

In our continuing quest to refine and expand our popular SnakeClamp flexible mounting products, we are please to announce our latest addition – the Quick Disconnect.  This chrome-plated solid brass part has 3/8″-24 male threads on one end that fit our flexible gooseneck and rigid arms.  The other end has 3/8″-24 female threads which accept the screws used with our attachments and mounting bases.

Quickly and easily change your flexible gooseneck attachments or mounting bases with our quick disconnect

Quick Disconnect by SnakeClamp Products

Traditionally our attachments and mounting bases are secured to the flexible gooseneck arms with 3/8″ screws (which are locked in place with a 4mm set screws). So to change attachments or mounting bases you would first have to loosen the set screw, then the 3/8″ screw. Now you can permanently attach a quick disconnect to any attachment or mounting base and quickly swap it with another one with a quick push and twist. For example, quickly remove your iPad attachment and replace it with 3-finger clamp. Or switch from a round base to a table clamp mount. It’s that easy.

The quick disconnect is 3″ long, which gives you a little extra reach as well.  Combine it with a 9″ gooseneck and you now have 12″ overall length.  Here is our new quick disconnect attached to a table clamp:

Quick Disconnect shown attached to Table Clamp

Quick disconnect shown with table clamp


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