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How SnakeClamp Does Overhead Photography – Camera SnakeClamp

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

In setting up to photograph a new product, it occurred to me that a shot directly overhead would result in a much better image than taking the shot at an angle.  Lucky for me, I have a whole bunch of SnakeClamp parts laying around!

In the timespan of a few minutes, I had my Canon DSLR suspended directly overhead my subject part and ready for action.

Camera attached to 12" Rigid Arm and Camera Mount Adapter

Overhead Product Photography – Camera Mount Adapter, Rigid Arm, Multiclamp

Shown in both of these photos is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel attached to my tripod with our SCP-CM Camera Mount Adapter, 12″ Rigid Arm, and Multiclamp.  The Multiclamp can attach to anything round so in this case I clamped it to the adjustable center column of the tripod.  The 12″ long Rigid Arm provides the perfect amount of reach over the table for photographing small objects.  If you need more reach you can simply splice two Rigid Arms together with our 1″ Threaded Stud.

UPDATE AUGUST 2017:  This Multiclamp has been discontinued and replaced with our new, improved and super-strong MEGACLAMP.

Camera used for overhead photography - with 12" Rigid Arm, Camera Mount Adapter and Multiclamp (now replaced with our new Megaclamp)

DSLR Overhead Using SnakeClamp Components

I use the Vello FreeWave wireless remote to release the shutter.  This allows me to use very small aperatures (and slow shutter speeds) for good depth of field.  The artificial light works fine but when I snap the picture I actually hold them up overhead and position them to minimize any shadows.  I also use custom white balance and overexpose the images to try and make the product appear on a perfectly white background.  My image editor of choice is the very nice (and free) Faststone Image Viewer.  Combined with Colorcop it’s quick and easy to adjust the white background to pure white (255,255,255).


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