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NEW – Universal Ball Head – Add Even More Flexibility To Your SnakeClamp Attachments

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

Even though our attachments are mated to a flexible gooseneck arm, we occasionally receive requests from customers for a “ball joint.”  So we decided to make one, and here it is:

Universal Ball Head provides additional flexibility for your SnakeClamp

Universal Ball Head from SnakeClamp Products

The SnakeClamp Universal Ball Head features a stainless steel 3/8″-24 stud at the bottom for attaching to SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck and/or rigid arms.  On the other end sits a stainless steel adapter with female 3/8″-24 threads.  This accepts the 3/8″ screws included with all of our attachments.

Universal Ball Head tilts a full 90 degrees

Universal Ball Head shown tilted 90 degrees

By releasing the thumbturn on the side, the ball will tilt down a full 90 degrees and also allow you to swivel 360 degrees – giving you a full “1/2 sphere” range of motion.  The Universal Ball Head can support 6 lbs.


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