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Build Your Own: Camera SnakeClamp – Camera Mount with Flexible Gooseneck Arm

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

Camera SnakeClamp shown with Camera Mount Adapter, flexible gooseneck tube and table clamp

Camera SnakeClamp CM-18HD-TC

A long, long time ago we used to sell our popular Camera SnakeClamp in a pre-defined combinations of parts. That was BEFORE we offered two different camera mounts (Camera Mount Adapter and Camera Ball Head), four different flexible gooseneck arms, and seven different mounting bases!  Now I’m not a mathematician, but if I multiply 2 x 4 x 7 that gives me 56 different combinations of parts!  It soon became apparent that we could not longer offer so many combinations on our website as it took too much time and was confusing to our customers.  So today we have a “build your own” model where we show you all of our parts and you select the ones that you want.

The reason for the specific Camera SnakeClamp shown here is to include our Camera SnakeClamp in Google Shopping. Google specifies that you must show the exact parts that you are selling.  Since we can’t show all possible combinations we chose to display the Camera SnakeClamp with our Camera Mount Adapter, 18″ Heavy-Duty Flexible Gooseneck Arm and Table Clamp.

There is no other product like the Camera SnakeClamp that allows you attach cameras, video cameras and webcams on a flexible metal gooseneck arm and mount it with your choice of seven different mounting bases.

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