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SnakeClamp Launches Flexwire Custom Length Waterproof Solid Core Flexible Arm

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new Flexwire flexible gooseneck tube alternative product.  Like our flexible gooseneck tubes, Flexwire is a flexible positioning arm for mounting and positioning objects to "hold what you need, right where you need it."

Flexwire waterproof flexible stayput gooseneck tube alternative for mounting and positioning objects

Flexwire took several years of development and testing.  The result is a very strong and waterproof flexible arm product that can be used for the mounting and positioning of items including in harsh environments.  Some examples include cameras, scanners and sensors in factories exposed to high humidity or chemicals; electronics in saltwater marine environments; or security cameras exposed to weather.

Flexwire is made from a #1 gauge solid copper wire covered in a PVC tube



Flexwire is made with a solid #1 gauge copper wire inserted into a durable PVC tube with an outside diameter of 16mm.


The Flexwire end adapters are made from type 303 stainless steel, threaded to 3/8"-24 and features slot cuts and a set screw





Each end adapter features 3/8"-24 (fine) threads, slot cuts for tightening with a wrench and a set screw.  These are machined from type 303 stainless steel and crimped onto the copper wire with a 50 Ton press.



Unlike our flexible gooseneck tubes, Flexwire is ideally suited to applications where frequent positioning is not required.  This is because Flexwire is quite strong and difficult to bend.  Therefore it can support more weight than our flexible gooseneck tubes as shown on this chart:

Another great feature of Flexwire is that you can choose any length between 6" and 30".  This is because Flexwire is made to order right here in our Christiansburg, Virginia shop.  The copper wire and PVC tubing is also made in the USA.

Flexwire is made in the USA

For more information about this exciting new product including a demonstration video, check out our Flexwire product page.  If you have any questions about Flexwire please email support @ snakeclamp.com.

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