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Flexible Gooseneck Arm Used to Position Vacuum Hose Dust Collector In Workshop

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

A customer recently sent us pictures showing how he is using a SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck arm with a 3 Finger Clamp to mount a vacuum hose - dust collector in his workshop:

SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck arm and 3-finger clamp supporting dust collector vacuum in a workshop

"Black walnut wood dust is extremely toxic to woodworkers' lungs. Since I would be producing very fine dust doing the finish carving with a rotary tool, I wanted an additional vacuum source as close as possible to the carving bit on the log in the photo. As you can see, I already have a general dust collector. But I also wanted something I could easily position and re-position depending on exactly where I was using the rotary carving tool (not pictured). The SnakeClamp products provided the means to build one."


In this setup the customer utilized our steel Plate Mount for attaching his flexible gooseneck to a piece of wood.  Then a 90 Degree Angle Adapter is used to "hang" the 3 Finger Clamp and suspend the vacuum hose below.

Here is a close up look at how the versatile 3 Finger Clamp is attached to the vacuum hose:

Versatile 3 Finger Clamp shown supporting a vacuum hose with a flexible gooseneck tube arm

The 90 Degree Angle Adapter usually connects a flexible gooseneck arm with our Rigid Arm, but in this case the customer chose to attach it directly to the 3 Finger Clamp.  This required our 2" long Coupling to do that because both the 90 Degree Angle Adapter and 3 Finger Clamp have male threads.

Here is another look at the vacuum system which utilizes our 18" Super Duty flexible gooseneck arm:

Flexible arm vacuum system for dust collection in a wood shop

Thank you to SL for sending us these pictures!  If you have a unique application for mounting and positioning things on a flexible gooseneck arm please send them to us so that we may share them with the world.

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