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Custom-Made Flexible Gooseneck Arm Bedside Reading Lamps

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

A crafty customer recently sent us pictures of his custom bedside flexible arm reading lamps built with SnakeClamp components:

Custom bedside flexible arm reading lamps built with SnakeClamp components


While the lamp head is not ours, these were made with our Square Base, 12" Rigid Arm and 24" Flexible Gooseneck Arms. To allow for internal wiring our Lamp Nipples were also used.

Here is another view:

Custom flexible arm bedside reading lamps made with SnakeClamp components

Note that our Square Base does not come with mounting holes (but our smaller Plate Mount does), so obviously if you want to build your own custom reading lamps you will need some basic metalworking skills!

These custom lamps just look awesome!  If you have pictures of your project built with SnakeClamp components please send them to support @ snakeclamp.com so that we can inspire others to build cool stuff.

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