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Flexible Goosenecks Now Improved with New Slot Cuts for Easier Tightening

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on

We just received our latest shipment of flexible gooseneck tubes and they look great! With this batch of goosenecks we are introducing a new slot-cut addition on the end adapters. These slot cuts allow you to grab the ends of the gooseneck with a wrench to prevent turning while you tighten the 3/8″ screws.

SnakeClamp flexible gooseneck tubes feature slot cuts and set screws on each end

Improved Flexible Gooseneck Tubes Now with Slot Cuts

These slot cuts are available immediately on our 18″ Heavy-Duty gooseneck arms and will eventually be introduced into our 9″, 18″ (regular) and 24″ gooseneck designs as we deplete our existing inventory.


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