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The Importance of Being … Flexible

Posted by Gerald Zuckerwar on


One of our favorite books growing up was Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst. Alexander is having a tough day.  Nothing is going right. Nothing is going as planned. He just can’t catch a break.  

“Some days are like that. Even in Australia.” 

All day long. Everyday. One situation after another. We are faced with decisions…. Decisions, Decisions. Choices, Choices.  What to eat. Where to go. What to do. How to help. Which to buy….on and on….

One by one we make those decisions, but have to deal with the fact that sometimes our  choices don’t turn out they way we expected.  We can’t find the shoes we want.  Traffic is beyond gnarly. The restaurant has a two hour wait. We don’t get the seat we were hoping for. And then, the kids forget how to act in a public place.  Yeah, you’ve been there…

That’s when the importance of being flexible becomes obvious.  We have to be able to bend, to adapt, to change a situation, maybe even make it better.  We have to take some deep breaths, reflect and regroup.  We have to think about things in a different way. Maybe even look at the whole thing from a different angle.

We have to be flexible.  And in our own way, that’s what we want to provide for our customers.  That’s what our SnakeClamp gooseneck arms do…make a situation a bit more … well, you got it, flexible. With different attachments and mounts, the possibilities are endless.

Our flexible gooseneck arms are very stiff and feature a chrome-plated finish. Each end is fitted with a sturdy 3/8″-24 (24 threads per inch) female adapter. Both adapters include a 4mm set screw to hold the 3/8″ screw firmly in place. A 2mm Allen wrench (for 4mm set screw) is also included.

The gooseneck arm is strongest in the vertical position. In this orientation, both the 9″ and 18″ goosenecks can support 6 lbs. However with the 18″ standard-duty gooseneck the weight must remain centered over the mount. With the gooseneck mounted horizontally, the 9″ gooseneck can support 2 lbs. without bending and the 18″ gooseneck can support 1/2 lb. You can splice two goosenecks together for additional length with our 1″ stainless steel threaded stud.

  • 9″ and 18″ lengths

  • 18″ gooseneck is offered in standard and heavy-duty

  • 3/8″-24 female threaded adapters on each end

  • 4mm set screw on both ends to hold 3/8″ screw firmly in place

  • 2mm Allen wrench for 4mm set screw

  • Chrome-plated finish

  • One Year Free Replacement Warranty

The SnakeClamp is a versatile tool designed to “hold what you need, where you need it.”  It consists of an attachment, a flexible gooseneck arm and a mounting base.  

“Even in Australia.”



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